Valentyna Danishevska was elected chairwoman of the new Supreme Court

The new Supreme Court elected Valentyna Danishevska as its chairwoman. Her candidacy was supported by 67 out of 111 votes of the judges at the plenum.

This was reported by the Supreme Court’s press service.

Valentyna Danishevska was elected the chairwoman of the Court for a 4-year term. She is also a judge of the Economic Court of Cassation with the Supreme Court. Being elected as the chairwoman of the Supreme Court, Danishevska has also immediately become a member of the High Council of Justice succeeding the former chair of the Supreme Court Yaroslav Romaniuk. Here, at the plenum, she took the oath of a member of the High Council of Justice.

“I am grateful for the credence vested on me. I know that we have a lot of work ahead of us. We need to move forward and bring back to people the understanding that in any case, there is a court in this country that will take a fair decision and find the necessary balance between private and public interests,” said the chairwoman of the Supreme Court Danishevska.

Valentyna Danishevska has the license in legal practice and advocacy since 2003 and since 2001, she has been the founder, ultimate beneficiary owner and head of the Charitable Organization “Commercial Law Centre”. In 2015, she was elected to the Public Council with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. She is a judge of the Permanent Arbitration Court with the Association of Ukrainian Banks. For about 10 years, she has worked as a judge of the Arbitration Court.

Other two candidates, Arkadii Bushchenko and Volodymyr Kravchuk were given 12 and 21 votes, respectively.

Valentyna Danishevska was nominated at the Supreme Court Plenum by Vitalii Urkevych, a judge of the Economic Court of Cassation with the Supreme Court.

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