The Constitutional Court of Ukraine may declare illegal the E-declaration of anti-corruption activists

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine opened e-declaration proceedings for anti-corruption activists.

This was reported by the Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmila Denisova.

“I’ve received a resolution of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on opening proceedings under my production. I believe that the challenged norms of the Law of Ukraine On Corruption Prevention, for which the Verkhovna Rada voted in March last year, do not comply with the Basic Law,” Denisova said.

She also cited the reasons for non-compliance with the Basic Law: “They establish additional restrictions of a discriminatory nature, violate people’s right to personal and family life, the principle of equality of citizens and many other fundamental principles”.

The existence of an electronic declaration for civic activists has been repeatedly criticized in the European Union where they have called on the Ukrainian authorities to keep promises and cancel obligations for anti-corruption activists to file e-declarations.

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