Judge Sanin, who banned EuroMaidan, failed qualification evaluation

Bohdan Sanin, a judge-speaker of the Kyiv Regional Administrative Court, who banned EuroMaidan, fail to qualify to serve justice.

The news broke today, 25 April, after Sanin’s interview at the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine, which was a part of a qualification evaluation process.

Bohdan Sanin today is a judge-speaker of the District Administrative Court of the Kyiv City. The colleagues assigned Sanin to represent the court in 2016, probably, as a favour back for his firm decision to ban protests on the Independence Square and Khreshchatyk street during the period from 1 December 2013 to 7 January 2014 that eventually let the Berkut special police forces loose. As we see, the judges’ memory is too short even in the Petro Poroshenko’s times. Not bothered with excessive pathos, they are exquisitely capable of ignoring the most important demand from the society – to clear the judiciary from dishonest judges, in particular from the anti-Maidan judges.

The Public Integrity Council has published information on Bohdan Sanin on its website. In particular, they noted those features that today, unfortunately, are most highly valued by the High Qualifications Commission of Judges and are crucial to successfully passing of the qualification evaluation.

More information about this is here.