CHESNO presented the analysis: 119 dishonest candidates to the Supreme Court

There is an ongoing competition in Ukraine for 78 vacant posts in the Supreme Court. According to the results of the first stage of the competition, the exam on the knowledge of law, the fight continue 317 candidates, 119 of them violated the criteria of integrity of CHESNO.Filter the judiciary! The results of the candidates’ analysis were presented by campaign experts on December 20th, 2018. Analytical references of all the candidates to the Supreme Court are published on the CHESNO.Filter the judiciary! web-site and will be sent to the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine and to the newly established Public Council of Integrity.

38% – such a percentage of dishonest candidates, according to the methodology  of the CHESNO.Filter the judiciary!, that have violated at least one criterion of integrity. CHESNO defines integrity criteria as non-participation in corruption or criminal offenses, non-participation in the making of doubtful decisions, compliance with the lifestyle of declared income and transparency of wealth, non-involvement in violations of human rights and adherence to professional ethics.

Among the violators of integrity dominate representatives of the judiciary community. 105 candidates-judges, 8 lawyers and 6 scholars violated the criteria of integrity. CHESNO.Filter the judiciary! analysts noted, that the highest percentage of candidates with dubious reputation are among the applicants for seats in Cassation Criminal and Administrative Courts.

More information on all the candidates for the positions of the Supreme Court judges is available on the CHESNO.Filter the judiciary! web site